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-   MCG3D Inc. enables its clients to carry out turnkey projects. Indeed, more often than otherwise, the 3D digitizing phase is only part of a comprehensive project, sometimes even the least expensive part, but it is generally the initial phase that determines whether subsequent stages will be successful. Moreover, on behalf of the client, MCG3D can manage all relationships between different parties involved in various phases of a project. For example, in a project to create bronze replicas of a certain sculpture, the final product to be delivered by MCG3D could be the 3D digital file suitable for the stereolithography or CNC milling phase, the quickcast pattern, or the bronze replica that is the final objective of the project itself.

-   Client organizations draw upon MCG3D’s expertise when developing projects requiring accurate 3D digitizing. In the process, MCG3D helps clients develop specific applications that will fit their needs.

-   MCG3D’s involvement in the layout planning process helps organizations accelerate the overall process of reaching complete autonomy in their production of specific 3D digital data.









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