+ 3D scanning

3D Scanning is defined as follows: " A process enabling measurement and recording, without surface contact, of shapes and colors of existing physical objects to generate a computer-compatible digital file. Such a file is called the "3D digital image or model" of the scanned object". Hence, like a camera capturing and recording scenes of real life, 3D scanning equipment captures and records objects and sites of the real world.

Typically, 3D scanning equipment uses lasers, structured light, mechanical sensors or photogrammetry. MCG3D mainly uses laser-based technologies.

Technologies, machines and software enabling 3D scanning have changed and developed at a tremendous pace over the last 10 years to provide solutions that meet the growing needs of the market. In fact, 3D scanning is now used in a growing number of fields of activity to increase knowledge of our surroundings. The heritage, culture and engineering sectors benefit from those technological developments, as do the medical and manufacturing sectors.

3D digital models are great travellers...

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