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3D scanning technologies are typically suitable for projects when conventional digitizing technologies cannot be used in an efficient and affordable way or to carry out projects that could not be completed without these new scanning technologies. 3D scanning technologies are many times faster than conventional digitizing technologies and typically provide a hundred times more 3D data on the surface to be digitized. Moreover, 3D scanning makes it possible to complete projects which otherwise could not be carried out.

Here are some benefits of 3D scanning:

  • Shortened lead time before deliverability
  • Measurement without contact means no harm to surfaces, better safety for people on site and no harm to the environment
  • Provides a faithful image of reality without human interpretation (3D file obtained by scanning is closer to a photograph than a drawing generated by a conventional survey)
  • No need to control targets within the scene (saves time, better safety for people)
  • Guarantees optimum accuracy
  • Deployed by a single operator
  • 3D digital images travel by Internet: it is easy to exchange data with people from all around the world
  • No need to make return trips on site: all the info you need is contained in the 3D file and you can access it anytime.

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