+ Immediate utilizations by the end user

3D files can be used for a number of immediate applications:

  • 3D viewing from unlimited points of view
  • To create a replica (pattern on a reduced or enlarged scale) using a variety of output devices, for example rapid prototyping such as stereolithography or the CNC milling process
  • To carry out analysis for scientific, historical or documentation purposes
  • To generate cross sections with given spacing and orientations
  • To generate 2D and 3D drawings
  • To create animations
  • To create films and videos
  • To broadcast via Internet
  • To create 2D images showing the object in various positions and on numerous scales
  • To print catalogues and posters
  • To create virtual exhibits
  • To set up a repatriation of artefacts and artwork projects
  • To exchange with colleagues located in another building or country
  • To monitor civil engineering works (dams, interchanges, bridges, buildings)
  • To carry out inventories
  • To archive
  • To do volume computation
  • To prepare scientific reports

When it comes to using 3D digital models, the sky’s the limit









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